Brewed INK

Brewed INK

A 2D action puzzle game that is straight from the year 1992. An Evil Doctor has stolen the world's ice cream supply, and you, Agent Absolute Zero point Seven, are the only hope against the hot summer sun.


A Unity3D asset store VFX package that turns your screen into an old-school CRT. Dithering, color offsets, pixelation, and more!

An Android puzzle game! You need to swap pieces around to solve each puzzle.

Also, you're adrift in a cosmic whirl.

Wave Function Collapser

A Unity3D asset store package to help you solve the Wave Function Collapse algorithm.

Chris Hanna

Chris is a software engineer who loves Game Development. These are a few of his projects. You can see more by checking out his Youtube page. He is based in the Boston area, and works on side projects and at a fulltime software job. If you want to contact him to say hi, contact him on Discord.
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